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9 whole minutes of Life is Strange: Before The Storm

Peek at the prequel

As someone who loved Life if Strange and will probably play Life is Strange: Before the Storm [official site] immediately I have been avoiding pretty much all news and spoilers regarding the latter. To the point where I will a) not be watching this 9-minute video at all and b) don't actually know what the game involves other than being set before the first game.

That puts me in rather a bind when it comes to this being a news story about a 9-minute video for Life is Strange: Before the Storm so here's the thing: I'm going to embed the video after the jump in case you want to watch it and then just write a load of words I like so that there is #content BUT if Graham asks you could tell him it was a great and relevant news story full of insights and also perhaps that I deserve a payrise?

Cover image for YouTube video

Potato peacock chaffinch splendid automaton cube scenic railway tornado aluminium fiddle wombat jellyfish polyp avocado winnebago corbel whirr fortress froglet cricket duck illumination fury scion comfrey obsolescence witches idiotic dynasty parabola vertex no liminal fleet eagle swizzle-stick renew petticoat moray ambulance corvid spaghetti thane vanquish whale knob despotic symposium.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm begins on 31 August, made by Deck Nine Games. Series creators Dontnod are working on their own new Life Is Strange too.

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