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Little Nightmares 2 explores new horrors next year

How wonderfully terrible

The doughy and wonderfully unpleasant horrors of Little Nightmares will return next year in a sequel, Bandai Namco announced today. Little Nightmares II will send us out into the wider world as another spooky wee kid, this time a lad with a paper bag on our head, and our yellow-coated pal from the first game is coming along. She'll be an AI-controlled friend keeping us company on our puzzle-platforming adventure, sadly not a chum for cooperative multiplayer. Though I'm not sure my usual co-op pals would be much use when we're shouting "WHAT IS THIS AWFUL DOUGH-CHEESE-MEAT-MELT PERSON?" anyway. Anyway! Meet some of the new horrors in the announcement trailer.

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I do like our kid, Mono, twatting a doll with a ladle in there (he will "be able to wield a range of items picked up from the environment," Bamco say, adding "an extra layer of challenge to the game's puzzles and encounters with enemies"). I do not imagine violence will solve many of our problems. It wouldn't be Little Nightmares if we felt any real power.

"I love it," our former Adam (RPS in peace) said of the first game in his Little Nightmares review back in 2017.

"There were times when I didn't, mostly when I had to replay a section where I kept failing to line up what looked like a simple jump over and over, but by the end I was smitten. It's a grotesque, horrid and eventually hopeful in its own morbid fashion, and despite many moments that feel like reimaginings or echoes from elsewhere, it has enough extraordinary images and sequences to stand alone. It's precisely the kind of horror game I love – grotesque but not gross, and interested in thoughtful pacing and escalation rather than jumpscares and shocks. Also, linear though it is, there are some collectibles I'd like to hunt for and the whole game is short enough that I'll happily play it again, or watch someone else playing."

If that has you curious and you missed it the first time around, hey, it's on sale on Steam for two days. That's £4 for the base game, or £8 including expansions.

Little Nightmares II is due some time in 2020.

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