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Little Nightmares creators are moving onto something new, though this might not be the end

Now that Little Nightmares 2 is out, developers Tarsier Studios are moving onto something new. What is it? All they'll say is not not more Little Nightmares. However, publishers Bandai Namco, who own the rights to the horror puzzle-platformer series, have indicated they might have plans for "more content". Whatever that means?

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Embracer Group, who bought Tarsier Studios in 2019, noted in their latest quarterly financefest that the Little Nightmares gang "will, from now on, focus on creating new IPs." (Y'know, Embracer, the megacorp which includes folks from THQ Nordic to Gearbox.)

In a statement to the Ian Games Network, Tarsier CEO Andreas Johnsson confirmed that yep, this means they're not making any more Little Nightmares. They're moving on to create new things in new worlds.

"Personally I am very excited to see what our studio creates and counting down the days until we can welcome our fans," Johnsson told IGN. After these two wonderfully horrible games, I'm curious myself.

Bandai Namco, however, might be planning to do something more with Little Nightmares.

"We have nothing to announce at this moment," Bamco told IGN, "but since we received so much love from fans all around the world with the release of Little Nightmares 2, we feel energised to deliver more content in the future."

If that energy does amount to anything, the statement is vague enough that it needn't necessarily be a video game. While they could be thinking about an expansion or sequel made by another studio, sure, this could also cover novelisations or toys or shirts or tweets or Instagram posts or one of those there Netflix animated shows everyone has these days (even Dota!). That's the power of "content", a word which is quite vacuous.

Little Nightmares 2 is out now on Steam and GOG, plus consoles. Alice Bee's Little Nightmares 2 review declared, "This second delicious, horrible slice of creepy puzzle-platform adventure goes down almost as well as the first game."

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