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Little Orpheus delayed 'in light of recent world events'

The Chinese Room's latest title features a Soviet cosmonaut

Publishers Secret Mode have announced that they won't be releasing action adventure game Little Orpheus for PC today, as previously planned. The game features a Soviet cosmonaut, which Secret Mode wrote "may be upsetting to players at this time."

Little Orpheus was originally released for Apple Arcade in June 2020, and was supposed to be released on other platforms, including PC, today. However, Secret Mode recently posted an announcement to Twitter stating that "in light of recent world events," that release would be delayed.

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Presumably, they're referencing the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces last week. Various game developers and publishers have been responding in their own way. Several Ukranian based studios published responses and asked for their communities to consider giving donations to good causes in the country. Worldwide, other companies have responded to the call. For example, earlier today, Funcom, publishers of Conan Chop Chop pledged $100,000 (about £75,000) to the Red Cross's work there.

Secret Mode wrote that the game "does not directly reference recent world events" but ultimately decided to delay release to prevent any discomfort at the game's "themes and content." On Steam they added that the game was set in 1962, not the present day, and focuses on "the triumph of the human spirit against incredible odds."

It's the latest game by Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room, and appears to still be available via Apple Arcade.

"We thank you for your understanding and will share more information at a later point," Secret Mode concluded.

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