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London Calling: RPS Social Club This Saturday

Saturday, 7pm, The Blue Posts

The sun is shining, at least for now, and Blighty is bathed in light and warmth. A perfect time to adopt the flamboyant gait of a flâneur while perusing the streets of your local metropolis. If your stroll takes you through old London town, it'd be a fine idea to end it at The Blue Posts, where the good people of the RPS Social Club will be meeting for boardgames, drinks and chatter from around 7pm. Should you wish to know more, the forum thread is a fine place to go and talk to other attendees about your plans. Let people know what games you might bring or simply request a glass of hearty stout to be prepared in time for your arrival. And have an excellent time.

As I've been saying for the last couple of months, I'd love to list social events in other cities/countries/dimensions here as well. If you're organising or would like to organise a meetup with fellow RPS readers (and possibly contributors), let me know and I'll do what I can to help. The least I can do is mention the location and time in next month's social post but I'm happy to help with arrangements where possible as well.

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