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Long Wait Ahead: Walking Dead S2 Coming In 2014

Edit: Telltale have sent a correction to Game Informer. "The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for fall of this year (2013), and not next year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview."

TV is evil. No, no, not because it drains our brains, turns all children into devil-worshiping miscreants, and won't let Gordon Ramsay host everything, but because it taught me to expect that the very TV-like Walking Dead season two would arrive only a year after its pioneering predecessor. But alas, tearing out the reigning Emotion King's decaying guts and replacing them with state-of-the-art new ones takes time. So then, when do you think Walking Dead season two is kicking off? 30 years from now? Tomorrow? Half-Life? Nope. Try late next year. Besides, everyone knows Half-Life 3's been out for years. Valve's just doing a timed exclusive with the actual Combine dimension to ensure this one's safety. I mean, obviously.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors gave Eurogamer a refreshingly straightforward answer. "We're aiming for fall next year," he said.

And then he pulled out his cryptic fog-spewing machine, which is standard issue for all high-level game execs.  When asked about additional content that might span the gap, he attached a cat to his tongue (also standard issue) and added, "We'll probably have something to announce fairly soon about what we're going to do. It'll be different."

That, obviously, could mean just about anything. That said, Telltale seems quite intent on keeping its eyes on the episodic prize, so I imagine it'll be more than just some comic miniseries or glorified trailer.

But yes, fall 2014. Season one's story was quite, er, conclusive in its own way, but that's still quite a wait for the continuation. I'm glad to see that Telltale's not rushing to cash-in on all the award buzz, though. The last thing we need is Walking Dead XXX: Black Flag Ops. Care and craft are key here, and I'm very pleased to see that Telltale isn't losing sight of that.

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