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The Walking Dead's penultimate episode gets one more trailer before launch

Children can be so cruel... if they have to

Life in a post-zombaplocalyptic world has never been easy for Clem, and judging from the new trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season's next episode - Broken Toys - she's preparing for war. Produced under new studio Skybound Games (thankfully using former Telltale talent), the third of four episodes will be available to all existing season owners on January 15th on all stores. Those late to the party won't be able to pick it up on Steam or GOG anymore as the game has become an Epic Games Store exclusive. The end is nigh, give or take one more episode - give it a peek below.

It looks like they're not just turning up the stakes here, but really wrenching on those heartstrings for these final two episodes. A flashback (or a dream sequence) to Clem's childhood, and even an appearance by Lee? I wonder if his eventual fate will be referenced at all here, if you've somehow carried a single save file through the entire series. It would be a nice trick if they can pull it off, although perhaps best saved for the grand finale later this year. We all know it's going to end in tears, no matter what happens.

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Things are looking grim for Clem and her gang of tough little ragamuffins. Some of her crew have been kidnapped after things fell apart in episode two, and she's ready to walk through hell, slathered in gore and marching with the undead in order to get them back. It seems the well-known (but seldom used) zombie camouflage technique returns in this episode, aided by what I'm hoping is an old Halloween mask, but I'm pretty sure will turn out to be made from real zombie-skin.

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is out on January 15th. If you own the season on GOG or Steam you'll get it and the upcoming final chapter on your store of choice, but new players will have to grab it from the Epic Games Store here. No price has been announced yet.

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