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Lost Ark: Demon Beast Canyon bosses and mechanics guide

Take on Lost Ark's first endgame challenge

Need a hand with Lost Ark’s Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon? The Abyssal Dungeons are the primary group content in Lost Ark’s endgame, presenting challenging boss mechanics that require teamwork and coordination. The first Abyssal Dungeon you will take on in Tier 1 is Demon Beast Canyon, available at Item Level 340. This dungeon is your introduction to more challenging four-player content, and while it isn’t as tough as later dungeons, you will still need an understanding of the boss mechanics to take it on. If you and your group need a hand figuring out the Hideous Scarkril fight, this guide will help.

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Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon: Corrupted Vazuela mechanics

Corrupted Vazuela is the first and easiest of the Abyssal Dungeon bosses, though challenging enough to give you a taste of what’s to come. While Corrupted Vazuela doesn’t have any invincibility phases or “wipe” mechanics that instantly kill your party, the fight can get out of hand if you don’t know the mechanics.

Throughout the fight, Vazuela will periodically mark a target player with a blue crosshair before spitting up a puddle of blood at the target. That puddle will deal significant damage over time to anyone who walks through it, so if you are targeted, hug the edge of the arena to keep the puddles from clogging up the center.

Eventually, those puddles will cover more ground and make it tough to navigate the arena. Thankfully, when you stagger Corrupted Vazuela, all those blood puddles will disappear. Underneath the boss’s health bar, you will see a purple “stagger bar” that drains as you deal damage. Empty it out, and you will stagger Corrupted Vazuela, clearing the puddles and creating a big DPS opening. If you don’t have skills with the High Stagger property, bring some combat items like Whirlwind Grenades to help out.

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon: Hideous Scarkril mechanics

Hideous Scarkril is the second and final boss of Demon Beast Canyon and introduces more complicated mechanics. After a bit of fighting, Hideous Scarkril will enter stealth mode. While in Stealth, Scarkril uses a deadly teleport slash, takes heavily reduced damage, and only appears visible for short bursts.

When stealth mode begins, four golden orbs will appear around the edges of the arena, which are immune to player damage. To end Scarkril’s stealth, you must bait him into destroying the orbs. Stand near an orb, and then dodge away when the teleport slash attack begins. If you’ve positioned yourself correctly, the slash will destroy the orb. Take out all four, and Scarkril will exit stealth so you can get back to fighting.

This will be much easier if you and your team work together, with everyone moving in a group from orb to orb. Any stragglers may pull Scarkril’s aggro away from the orbs, prolonging the stealth phase.

That’s everything you need to clear Demon Beast Canyon’s bosses! This first Abyssal Dungeon is just enough of a challenge to prepare you for what is ahead and has some sweet drops too. Get those class Engravings set up with your jewelry drops and you will be ready for tougher content. Once you’ve cleared the first two dungeons and need to raise your Item Level, consider boosting another character with the Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer to help gather upgrade materials. If you need a hand picking your next character, our tier list might help.

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