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Lost Ark guilds: how to make a guild and how many players can you have in a guild in Lost Ark?

Discover how to make a guild in Lost Ark

Want to know how to make a guild in Lost Ark? While you can enjoy Lost Ark as a solo player, no MMO is complete without a guild system. In Lost Ark, the guild system allows you to team up with friends on your server to complete quests, earn guild XP, and purchase rare materials and items in the guild shop.

Below, we'll explain everything you need to know about Lost Ark guilds, including how to make a guild, how to leave a guild, how many players can join a Lost Ark guild, and a breakdown of weekly guild quests.

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How to make a guild in Lost Ark

To create a guild in Lost Ark, you need to reach Prideholme. This is the first town you'll find in Lost Ark, and it marks the end of the prologue. Prideholme will introduce you to the multiplayer segment of Lost Ark, so it's when you get to discover Lost Ark's multiplayer options and MMO features. As you wander around Prideholme, you'll see lots of other players who might want to team up and form a guild.

After reaching Prideholme, you can make a guild by opening the guild screen with ALT+U. Here, you can see a long list of guilds that are actively recruiting new players. If you want to join a Lost Ark guild, simply scroll through this list until you find a guild that suits you. If you want to make a guild, press the Create Guild button at the top of the guild screen. This will cost 2000 silver, but you should have plenty to spend after completing the prologue.

To leave a guild, simply head to the guild screen using ALT+U and select the Leave Guild option. It's important to note that when you leave a guild, you are blocked from creating or joining another guild for one day. After 24 hours, you can go back to the guild screen and start hunting for your next Lost Ark guild.

Lost Ark guild size limit

New guilds always start at level 1 and have a limit of 30 players, but this cap will increase as your guild levels up. Guilds can progress all the way to level 25, which allows you to have 100 player slots. 100 players is the maximum guild size in Lost Ark.

To increase your guild level, you need to complete weekly quests for your guild. Each level will allow a few extra players to join and let you expand your guild with new facilities and mechanics, such as the guild shop and extra weekly task slots.

What are weekly guild quests in Lost Ark?

Weekly guild quests are tasks that the guild leader can set. All of the players in the guild can then accept the quest and work towards a common goal, such as chopping down trees or defeating certain enemies. As you complete these quests, you'll earn guild XP and other rewards, like Bloodstones.

Bloodstones are a currency that you can earn by contributing to the guild. You can earn them for yourself by donating silver or gold to the guild, but there is also a shared guild treasury that earns Bloodstones when your guild completes a weekly quest. This guild treasury is then distributed between all guild members, allowing everyone to share the profits.

You can use Bloodstones to upgrade the guild and to buy important items and crafting materials from the guild shop. You can buy chests of silver, healing potions, and a variety of rare materials that you'll need to upgrade your gear in the endgame.

That's everything you need to know about Lost Ark guilds. If you want to team up with friends to beat endgame content, make sure you all choose one of the top classes in our Lost Ark classes tier list. If you're planning to have a few characters spread across different guilds, take a look at our guide on how to level up fast in Lost Ark.

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