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Lost Ark leveling guide: how to level up fast in Lost Ark

Learn how to level up fast in Lost Ark

Want to know how to level up quickly in Lost Ark? Lost Ark introduces players to the wonderful fantasy world of Arkesia, with plenty of lore and side quests to explore as you make your way through the adventure. However, being an MMO, most players want to ignore all of that and reach the max level in Lost Ark as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we're here to help with our Lost Ark leveling guide.

Below, we'll cover everything you need to know to level up fast in Lost Ark, so that you can reach max level quickly and get into endgame content to earn the best gear.

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What is the max level in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, the max level is level 50. Players start at level 10, so this guide will help you quickly jump from level 10 to level 50. When you reach level 50, you'll unlock endgame content, such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, that you can farm to get the best loot.

How to level up fast in Lost Ark

The top tip that we can offer to help you level up fast in Lost Ark is avoid all of the fluff. Side quests might add some lovely lore to the world of Arkesia, and farming could help you find that piece of gear that's really useful for your Lost Ark class, but neither of those will help you earn XP very quickly. The best way to level up fast in Lost Ark is by focusing on main quests. Rush through the story to bag large XP rewards and you'll find yourself at max level in no time.

As you complete these quests, you will travel through the various zones in Lost Ark. The first four of these zones - Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra - are on the same land mass. After completing your main quests in East Luterra, you will unlock the sailing mechanic, which allows you to continue completing quests around the world of Arkesia. At this point, main quests become world quests, but keep following them. The world quests will take you through three more zones, known as Tortoyk, Anikka, and Arthetine. After completing the main missions in Arthetine, you should be almost level 50 and ready to head to North Vern, where you can complete your final main quests, reach max level, and unlock the end game content.

Here are a few more tips that you should keep in mind while progressing through the main questline to level up fast in Lost Ark:

  • Stick to normal mode: You can change the difficulty in dungeons to earn better loot, but the XP you'll earn remains the same. To level up fast, we recommend staying on normal mode so that you can quickly complete these dungeons and move on.
  • Don't grind kills: Lost Ark pits you against countless monsters as you run around, but we don't recommend actually killing them all. Grinding kills doesn't net much XP in Lost Ark, so just kill enough enemies to complete objectives and then hand in your quest to get big XP rewards.
  • Fast travel: While you might want to explore Arkesia, we suggest saving that until after you've completed the main quests. To level up quickly in Lost Ark, you should fast travel to your next quest location as much as possible. To fast travel, open your map and look on the left side to find a list of Triports, which are locations you can teleport to in Lost Ark.
  • Use consumables: Like any RPG, you might feel tempted to hoard all of your consumables in Lost Ark. However, this will make you progress much slower, as certain consumables will help you deal massive damage to powerful bosses that you might otherwise struggle to kill. Use your grenades and other powerful consumables to quickly defeat strong enemies and easily complete dungeons.

How to level alt characters quickly in Lost Ark

Fortunately, you'll only need to run through the main quests in Lost Ark for one character. After reaching max level with your main character, you can level alts much quicker using the Power Pass.

The Power Pass is an item you'll unlock after completing the Main Quest Ealyn's Gift in North Vern. You can use it to boost an alt character from level 10 to level 50. After using the first Power Pass, you will immediately earn another that you can use to boost a second alt character. You can only get two Power Passes, so make sure you use them on the best classes in Lost Ark.

After using both Power Passes, take a look at our guide on Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer to learn how you can continue boosting alt characters by spending in-game currency.

That's everything you need to know to level up fast in Lost Ark. If you want to unlock more items for your character without playing, take a look at our guide on Lost Ark Twitch drops to find out what you can get while watching popular Twitch streams. If you want to play with friends, you'll want to find out whether you can change servers in Lost Ark.

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