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Boo! Lucius II Rising On Friday The 13th (Of February)

Sandbox Satanic murder

Halloween. Scareday, they call it. The dream release date of every horror game is October 31st, the one they call The Big Spooker, Boosday, or Satan's Flatwarming. If that's too far away, though, developers can always fall back on Friday the 13th. We've got three of 'em this year, and Lucius II: The Prophecy [official site] is looking to make 2015's first ᴅᴇᴠɪʟɪsʜ. Shiver Games have announced they'll release the sandbox Young Satan simulator on Friday, February the 13th, and I must say I'm pretty keen to have a crack.

Having casually murdered his family and friends in the first game, Lucius II will see Satan Junior escaping from a psychiatric ward to continue his father's work. While Lucius turned out to be an adventure game, each supernatural murder a puzzle, the sequel looks more like the Satanic Hitman Jim had hoped Lucius would be. Perhaps we can dig Jim out of ʜɪs ɢʀᴀᴠᴇ for a crack at this Omen 'em up.

As heir to the Throne of Darkness, young Luci roams around the hospital and the nearby town, doing as he pleases to the puny mortals. You don't have to murder them all, of course, but if do you want to, he's got supernatural powers of telekinesis, possession, and other ways to cover everywhere with fire and blood. I can't think of a more fitting protagonist for a murder simulator than an Actual Satan:

Of course, to me every day is Halloween (mind: it's pretty gory, that vid).

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