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Make some weird goblin pals in Tenderfoot Tactics, out now

It's a beautiful open world with some turn-based tactics to dip your toes in

I have watched the trailer for Tenderfoot Tactics three times now. It looks: weird. It's a turned-based tactics RPG with lots of roaming in a minimalistic yet super pretty open world. You play as a goblin escaping some spooky fog that has doomed your homeland, and along your adventure you collect other goblins to help you figure out what it's all about. Have a gander at the launch trailer for yourself below.

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It's made by some of the same developers behind the lovely walking sim Pattern and desktop plant sim Viridi. It's a step away from those more peaceful pretty experiences, however, because Tenderfoot Tactics is more about goblins doing lots of fighting.

The combat sounds super interesting, too. It's turn-based tactics with no random miss chances or damage ranges, and you can manipulate the elements to help you. That won't always work in your favour, though. There's a possibility you could cause fires that hurt you as much as your enemies, or make water flood your battlefield.

Matt Cox (RPS in peace) thought Tenderfoot Tactics was one of the best strategy games at the Steam Summer Games Festival. While he also thought it was very weird, he was intrigued by the story and characters he met on his journey.

"It doesn’t look like much else I’ve played and its world is dotted with humongous deities that view your mortal antics with bemusement," he writes. "That’s a world I want to know more about."

Tenderfoot Tactics is out now on Steam. You can grab it with a 10% launch discount before October 28th for £18/€19/$23.

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