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Lovecraftian board game Mansions Of Madness coming to PC


Fantasy Flight's Lovecraftian board game Mansions Of Madness, which cardboard dad Rab Forence has praised so much in these pages, is getting a video game adaptation next year. Publishers Asmodee Digital yesterday announced Mansions Of Madness: Mother's Embrace, which will send a team of investigators to investigate a spooky mansion, being waylaid by traps, monsters, and other terribleness. Asmodee have a lot of experience in the field, having published digital adaptations of games including Talisman, Ticket To Ride, Mysterium, and Pathfinder Adventures.

The announcement is a bit vague on what Mother's Embrace does or doesn't change from physical Mansions Of Madness, but it is at least building on a solid foundation. Rab Forence loved the original board game:

"That Lovecraft game I wanted is finally here. It's a Lovecraft game that I can recommend to everyone. It's not just for the hardcore, like Arkham Horror. It's for everyone who's ever wanted a board game that lets your run around a spooky house, hiding in chests while psychopaths stalk you with an axe. It's a game for anyone who's ever played that wonderful Fighting Fantasy gamebook House of Hell. It's a game easily taught, and easily played, and easily one of my favourite games of all time ALREADY. I love it."

He was even more delighted when the second edition added a companion app directing the game. A full-on video game will lose the physicality and sociability of a board game, which is a shame, but can conceivably go even further.

Mansions Of Madness: Mother's Embrace is coming to Windows and Mac in 2019, by the end of March, via Steam. It's being made by Luckyhammers.

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