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Manuscript ‘em up Pentiment has inked a November 15th release date

Verily, forsooth, etc

If you’d told me back in early June that legendary RPG devs Obsidian Entertainment would be releasing an adventure game set around a medieval German abbey, I would’ve scoffed and called you a charlatan. Speed forwards through time to today, when Obsidian revealed that Pentiment is out on November 15th, and I’m genuinely pleased to hear it. Refresh your memory of Pentiment by watching the game’s trailer below.

Pentiment is medieval adventure game that looks like a manuscript.

Pentiment is set across a quarter of a century in 16th century Bavaria. It follows the investigations of journeyman artist Andreas Maler as he’s embroiled in murders and other dodgy shenanigans. You can mould Andreas by choosing his background from options such as Hedonist, Rapscallion or Bookworm.

Andreas only has a limited amount of time to investigate, so you’ll have to decide how he goes about that – decisions and accusations he makes stack up over the years and people will remember them. It’s all achieved in the style of illuminated manuscripts and woodcuts, which is quite an aesthetic.

I chatted with vid bud Liam about Pentiment after the game was first shown at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in June. It was my standout pick of this year’s Not-E3, and I’m hopeful that Pentiment lives up to its unusual visuals and setting. Have a watch of the video here, if you want to be subjected to my dulcet tones.

Pentiment releases on PC and Xbox consoles on November 15th. You can find the game on Steam, Microsoft Store or through PC Game Pass. It’ll set you back £15/$20/€20.

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