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Mass Effect 2's Adept Class Detailed

I am so tremendously looking forward to Mass Effect 2. I wasn't for a while - I think I lost track of it all. I adored the first game when I played it, but as time's cruel countdown ticked away I found myself incorporating into my memory too much of how other people would describe it, and forgetting the details. "Oh, those elevators!" "The combat wasn't as good as it could have been." "The side quests were rubbish." Well, all of that is true, but goshdarnit, it didn't matter. It was a fabulous thing, and delving into all the details about for the sequel has reminded me why I enjoyed the original so very much. Which combined with what an absolute world-exploding classic Dragon Age proved to be, has me anticipating BioWare's sequel with fervour. It'd better be good, or there will be trouble. New videos are below.

Mass Effect 2 didn't do itself any favours with the ridiculous Subject Zero trailer. (I'm almost impressed they didn't soundtrack it with that Meredith Brooks song.) But then BioWare also spent most of 2009 hellbent on ensuring that everyone was terrified Dragon Age was going to be seventy-storey pile of quivering shit, with one of the most atrocious campaigns ever squeezed out from the bottom cheeks of a planet-sized crap monster. And it turned out to be one of the best RPGs of all time. So it doesn't matter how awful the promotion may get for the sci-fi sequel - I'm waiting for the game itself before I bake any opinion cakes.

Fortunately these two are inoffensive. First is a trailer dedicated to Tali, the machinist companion from the first game, showing off her rather splendid Biotic (I wrote the wrong word - hang me in the streets!) tech powers:

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Second, and possibly more importantly, is a detailed description of the Adept class. This is one of six available (Adept, Infiltrator, Vanguard, Sentinel, Engineer, and Soldier), and the most able to use Biotics. Or as I like to call them, Definitely Not Force Powers, No Siree, Nothing Like Them No Matter What You Might... Oh, Look Over There, A Flamingo Wearing A Hat!

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I didn't get tired of watching enemies flying off into the air throughout that, and I can't imagine I will playing the game itself. Oh, please be good.

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