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Mass Reflect: Matt Atwood on PC Mass Effect

There's clearly been a little PR burst as the good ship Mass Effect is dragged to the launch-pad for its imminent flight to the PC galaxy. Both Bit-tech and Eurogamer have talked to Matt Atwood, a Senior Manager. I don't know what that means, but I figure it's important, and it's vaguely reminiscent of Margaret Atwood, who's awesome. Rob Purchese does the EG interview, while apparently channelling the Polish Journalist...

Eurogamer: Has Mass Effect really got higher-resolution visuals on PC? We didn't notice much difference.

Matt Atwood: Yes, absolutely. Not just because you have a better video card, but because they have upscaled textures and resolutions.

Eurogamer: You've said the loading times are much better, but I didn't see much of a difference...

Matt Atwood: You will.

The rest here!

Meanwhile, over at Bit-tech, Joe Martin is a little more chuffed ("I couldn't believe it. Honestly, there was giddiness, a sensation of vertigo and maybe a tiny girly squawk of glee.", which is a sensation I only get when I gaze in quiet homoerotic awe at Jim when I deliver him the day's first cup of tea). However, Joe goes into all the topics of the hour, from Piracy to Bioware's EA assimilation to Epic and Sex...

Matt: I think first of all it depends on what territory you’re in for starters. In America we’re a lot more conservative about sex. With Mass Effect the controversy arose because they didn’t play the game. The content in Mass Effect is very tame and you’d see more risqué things on any daytime TV show anywhere in the world.

In fact, later on, the critics from Fox News came out and admitted that they hadn’t played the game at all and that they’d just asked someone. That’s just the nature of the media – a right-wing conservative heard something dramatic and it snowballed from that.

Also, EG have a gallery of PC shots, which features some interface gubbins for everyone to pore over intensely.

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