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Watch Michael Scott from The Office take a stab at running the Mass Effect crew

World's best boss

We’ve seen Austin Powers take a stab at running the Normandy, but the 60s spy is probably too old school to be fighting Reapers in the year 2183. The head of the Normandy requires a modern managerial style, someone with the diplomatic skills necessary to bring the galaxy together. So, obviously, the natural choice to replace Commander Shepard is… Michael Scott? Someone made a video editing The Office’s nutty boss into scenes from the Mass Effect trilogy, and the results are hilarious.

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The video’s under 3-minutes long, but there are too many highlights to count through. ME3’s invasion of Earth gets the theme song treatment, Scott’s awful PR skills are on show the whole time, and BioWare’s awkward dancing animations look pretty good next to Scott’s skin-crawling hip-thrusts and shoulder shimmies.

A special shoutout to the lighting in the video. Miraculously, the lighting on Michael (almost) always matches the ME casts'. Chef's kiss.

Mass Effect has always been a workplace drama, and my favourite thing about the video is how much it highlights that fact. Flirting with your party members/employees should’ve always been a bit inappropriate, but you don’t realise it when Shepard is sculpted to perfection in the eyes of the player. Someone should really make a Mass Effect spoof game. Heck, I’d likely play and replay it more than the actual trilogy.

YouTuber ‘eli_handle_b.wav’ has countless videos on their channel, editing iconic film characters into famous video games. Shrek spliced into Fallout 4 is one of my favourites, as the green ogre sarcastically drags everyone through the wasteland. He also doesn’t look too dissimilar to the radioactive mutants, anyway. Home Alone in Resident Evil Village is good fun, too.

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