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Mechajammer is a cyberpunk RPG with neither mechs nor jam

It has got some cool motorbikes though

If the gruesome look of cyberpunk RPG Death Trash doesn't quite do it for you, then perhaps the more grungey style of Mechajammer will. It's an upcoming open-world game influenced by 80s action films, and it's set in a cyberpunk city surrounded by killer jungles on an alien planet. In the trailer I've spotted: cool motorbikes, very good eyepatches, and futuristic guns that make very good "pewpewpew" noises.

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While the game is inspired a little bit by the old isometric Fallouts, Whalenought co-founder Hannah Williams told PCGamer it's also influenced by 80s sci-fi and action films like Escape From New York and The Terminator.

"There's something wonderfully gritty, dark and campy about the way the future is portrayed in these films that really resonates with us," Williams told PCG. "These low tech worlds are both awful and relatable at the same time, and while Mechjammer is more of a sci-fi setting, the world itself is analog and familiar. We love creating dense, abstract visual atmosphere in our games, and we wanted to channel that lack of CGI used in these kinds of sci-fi films. The environments are a dense wall of grungy, sweaty pixels, and we think it captures the grungy feel of movies like these."

Playing Mechajammer, you'll gather a crew of deserters who want to leave this hostile colony. Combat is turn-based, and it looks like there are lots of dystopian weapons at your disposal (like the aforementioned "pewpewpew" guns, as well as some good swords).

Steam says Mechajammer is "coming soon". When it does come out, it'll be availble on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can find out more about it on the game's website.

Mechajammer was originally Kickstarted around five years ago, back when it was named Copper Dreams. It's evolved a lot since then, and not just in name. Initially, it had a low-poly look, which has been swapped out for a more stylised pixely appearance.

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