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MechWarrior: Living Legends Revived By Players


Titanfall 2 is smashing for zip-zap-zippy-zoopy mech action but what if you fancy your deathbots more serious, more simmy? Good news: MechWarrior: Living Legends is back. Creators Wandering Samurai Studios officially stopped working on the free game in 2013 but a group of players have since picked it up, and last week released their first new version. Their MWLL Community Edition v0.8 mostly fixes and tweaks things -- a lot of things -- but the team plan to add new content in future updates. It's free so hey, come on down and get stompy.

Living Legends continues the MechWarrior tradition of big stompy botfights, this time focused on multiplayer and with other vehicles like aircraft too. Technically it's a Crysis Wars mod but as it only requires the Crysis Wars demo to play, hey: free game!

Wandering Samurai, the folks who created it, ended development in 2013. Though some player accused the makers of MechWarrior Online of strong-arming them with legal threats, Wandering Samurai denied that and said it was their decision.

Now a team of players have picked it back up. They say:

"Using the experience gained from years of public and league gameplay and numerous player requests, we have refined just about everything for a more balanced, player-friendly experience. Of course this also includes a ton of fixed bugs and new shiny!

"We are dedicated to finish what Wandering Samurai started, and this is just the beginning. Upcoming patches will focus on bringing in new toys, further refining gameplay and making this game better than ever."

You can download MWLL CE from these mirrors or through a torrent. That includes both Crysis Wars and MWLL, making it the best way to get started, though you can download the two separately through the site if you'd rather.

Hit the changelog to see all that's new in the first Community Edition release.

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