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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Goes Too Far

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter began in stirring controversy, and seems to wade around in it. Boasting depictions of real-world conflicts, including those that are ongoing, it seems as much an attempt to test the limits of what will be tolerated in a modern war shooter as it is an attempt to follow up on last year's dismal revival of the franchise. But perhaps this time they've gone too far. It's hard to see how this will be countenanced. They've put Linkin Park in one of their trailers.


Beginning with a mother and son mourning their having the same haircut, the video is once again the rebellious anti-establishment punk rock band selling one of their songs as advertising to a major corporation. \m/ For the band it represents their demise from shouty-nu-punk, via being Bon Jovi with sore throats and a DJ, into something bland and generic enough that their aging fans know won't wake the baby. The shouty man doesn't even shout once.

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Oh good grief, it's so self-important I want to pull my own skin off. The plot appears to be that war is very noble and then you tell a kid that their dad is dead, the end. WINSTON CHURCHILL QUOTE. Now buy our album and our game.

There's something about taking that horrendous moment - a moment that's happening too often to people - and using it to sell your song and game, that sits so wrongly with me. Clearly it's their attempt at demonstrating sincerity, but I can only detect sanctimoniousness. Good grief, it makes Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends video look like it were directed by Lewis Milestone.

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