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Mega Man Mega Bundle: Mega Man Legacy Collection


While the co-creator of Mega Man is busy making a new Mega Man in all but name, the platforming robot's publishers are taking the easy option and re-releasing old Mega Man games.

Capcom today announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection, a bundle o' the first six classic Mega Man games (no Mega Man X here) - their official PC debuts. They're not doing nowt with 'em, mind. The Collection will include a 'Challenge Mode' which Capcom say "remixes gameplay segments from all six games". What that means, they don't quite say, so let's assume they've got in a bangin' producer to reinterpret Mega Man as a vaporwave walking simulator.

All right, maybe that is unlikely. Fine, go on then, I had a look and found Capcom do explain more about the mode in this here blog post:

"Challenge Mode takes moments from each title and weaves them into a series of, well, challenges! So things like 'can you do these six areas strung together with one life bar' or 'try fighting all six Mega Man 1 bosses in a row.' And to keep the quest for the best time alive, the top performers in each Challenge will have their replay data uploaded and viewable to everyone! There will be many challenges to vex seasoned players AND help train newcomers in the ways of the Blue Bomber."

The Collection will also have a database of enemies and a 'museum' with a load of old artwork and visuals scanned in at high-res.

Mega Man Legacy is slated to launch some time this summer at the price of $14.99 (£10-ish).

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