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Metal Gear Online Beta Launching Today

Silly name time!

I've just realised that Metal Gear Solid codenames follow the same pattern as tech startups and game studios. Pick an animal, slap an adjective on the front and there you go, you're now Flatulent Badger; you're Scarlet Dolphin; you're Indigo Axolotl. You'll blow away either investors with a proposal to disrupt e.g. the shoe-tying industry with an app to have someone come round and tie your laces, or blow up a huge robot. Well, round up your pals and start naming each other, as proper multiplayer finally comes to The Phantom Pain [official site] today-ish with a beta launch of Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Online adds competitive team-based multiplayer modes with shooty shenanigans and wacky MGS gadgets on top, from balloonbots to distractingly adorable toy dogs. Also, sometimes you can be Ocelot and Snake. That's what's going on in that picture up top ↑, not some weird selfie. It may also be some weird selfie. Maybe there's a selfie stick weapon. I wouldn't be wholly surprised.

Consoles received Metal Gear Online in November, but our version ended up delayed further because reasons. The beta PC will go live today, ahead of a proper launch later. It's due to arrive around 10pm Pacific (that's 6am on Wednesday our time), though it may end up a few hours late. You'll need to manually opt in to play (for folks unfamiliar with such fiddling, it works like this).

Here's an old gameplay trailer showing a little Metal Gear Online in action:

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