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Metro Exodus is getting a sequel, shooter’s devs confirm - but only “when it’s ready” (hopefully before 2033)

Last mainline entry in series has shifted 10 million copies in five years

A blood-splattered gas mask lies discarded in snow in Metro Exodus
Image credit: 4A Games

Flashlights and grubby gas masks at the ready: there will be a sequel to Metro Exodus, the developers of the follow-up to Metro 2033 and Last Light have confirmed. Don’t expect it soon, though, as 4A Games say it’ll arrive “when it’s ready”.

The confirmation that 4A are working on the next mainline game in the series of survival-horror first-person shooters dropped on the fifth anniversary of Metro Exodus’ release in 2019. This year marks 14 years since the original Metro 2033 - based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s 2002 book - and 11 years since its first sequel Last Light. The intervening years have seen remasters of 2033 and Last Light as Metro Redux, and an Enhanced Edition upgrade of Exodus with support for full ray-tracing.

The tease from 4A of a next game in the series - albeit with a title, release date and any details yet to be revealed - comes only a couple of weeks after the surprise announcement of a new VR game for the series in Metro Awakening. Awakening is both a prequel and spin-off, developed by Vertigo Games and following new character Serdar rather than 2033, Last Light and Exodus protagonist Artyom.

We don’t know whether Artyom will make a return in the newly teased sequel, with 4A simply saying that it will be “the next mainline Metro” after Exodus. The developers refused to be drawn on when it might see a release, too, insisting it will arrive “when it’s ready” and responding to those asking for confirmation of a release in 2024 or 2025 by simply saying it’s due “definitely in the future”.

4A took the chance to reveal that Exodus has sold more than 10 million copies in the five years since it came out, which isn’t bad at all for a series now in its second decade with only three mainline titles to date.

We’ll presumably find out more about the untitled Metro sequel when 4A have more to share - for now, it’s just nice to know we’ll see another one, sometime. The teaser image at least shows a date of 202X, meaning we should see it before we’re all living in actual 2033.

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