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MGS Delta gameplay trailer gives a first eyeful of The Boss and earful of David Hayter in Snake Eater remake

Still no release date in sight

The Boss in MGS3: Snake Eater remake Metal Gear Solid Delta
Image credit: Konami

The Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake - aka Metal Gear Solid Delta - resurfaced during tonight’s Xbox Games Showcase. We still don’t have a release date, despite signs we might see the remake of the 2004 game this year, but we did get a pretty good look at a bunch of key moments from the original remade in the shiny Unreal Engine 5 do-over - including a look at The Boss and the familiar gravelly tones of Snake actor David Hayter.

MGS Delta was revealed last year with a very brief tease of its faithful polishing of the PlayStation 2 classic, which has so far only come to PC (officially) in the serviceable if fairly underwhelming Master Collection. We later got a fuller look at some gameplay, showing that, yes, this will indeed be a Metal Gear Solid game with all the sneaking, shooting, choking and wriggling around on the floor that implies.

The latest gameplay reveal gave a more action-packed taste than the fairly serene stealth slice of the latest trailer, showing Naked Snake blasting helicopters, wielding a rocket launcher in the sidecar of a motorcycle, CQC-ing guards to the floor, encountering the Ocelot Unit and interrogating soldiers while holding a knife to their throats. It was a surprisingly wide-ranging showcase, in my opinion, spanning from the opening HALO jump at the very start of the game through to the very late-game motorcycle chase.

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We also got a very brief glimpse at the game’s crocodile hat - I’m personally curious to see if the slightly clunky camouflage menus are streamlined in the remake - while Snake swam around in some swamps and crawled in mud. One snippet showed Snake taking aim at some kind of elk-deer thing with twisty horns (what am I, a zoologist?) to prepare his next meal. I don’t remember seeing that specific animal in the original, so it might be new.

Maybe most excitingly - at least for me - we got to finally see Delta’s take on Snake’s mentor The Boss, showing the iconic confrontation on the rickety rope bridge from early in the game. The cutscene clips also gave us our first earful of returning Snake actor David Hayter, having been elbowed out in favour of Keifer Sutherland for Metal Gear Solid V.

It continues to look very, very nice - and very close to the original, albeit with much prettier graphics, as far as my memory serves. Still, with no sign of a release date yet, we don’t know how long we’ll be waiting to give a go for ourselves.

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