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Micro Machines World Series racing to PC in April

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Micro Machines, I have just learned, barely exist as modern toys. Times and fads change, of course, but I would think miniature vehicles are a natty enough idea to endure as more than a handful of Star Wars spin-offs. How are abandoned children supposed to protect themselves against invading burglars? Tch! Well, Micro Machines are at least livelier in the world of video games, as Codemasters have a Micro Machines racer for pocket telephones and today announced they're bringing a new one to PC in April. Say hullo to Micro Machines World Series [official site].

Like ye olde Micro Machines from ye olden dayes, World Series is a cartoon racer with loads of diddy cars racing around household environments. Sounds like the different vehicles in this are classes, with different weapons and abilities. It'll support four-player same-screen racing or up to 12 players online. Codies say:

"As well as bringing to you the classic game modes like Race and Elimination, Micro Machines World Series will introduce a new style of game play to the series: Battle Mode. The all-new Battle Arenas will allow you to wreak mass destruction on a miniature scale against your friends or the AI. Meanwhile, Team Play lets you work together using your vehicles’ unique skills with modes such as 'King of the Hill' or 'Capture the Flag'!"

The game will, obviously, not look like this trailer:

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Or, if you want miniature mechanical racing now now now, Table Top Racing: World Tour is meant to be fairly fun and is half-price on Steam right now. Or there's Toybox Turbos. And... say, which one would you most recommend, gang?

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