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Mind-Machine Interface is a Zachlike with a demo


The creator of Mind-Machine Interface [official site] says his puzzle game is inspired by the games of Zachtronics. It's a programming puzzler about laying down blocks and wires on a grid to make a computer do... something. Do stuff. Do the good stuff that you want. Having played the demo, I can confirm that it feels a lot like playing TIS-100 or SpaceChem - in that I had no idea what I was doing because I'm a big ol' goofhead oh god let's cut to a trailer to do the explaining for me:

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Ah yes, that certainly is computer.

Mind-Machine Interface is set up as an aptitude test in some futuristic world, where computer interfaces are very colourful and confusing and have funny squiggly language which I'm sure is a translation puzzle in itself. The developer explains:

"Puzzles are hard and open ended. The programming part is figurative, since you don't need any programming knowledge to complete the game. Sometimes you have to duplicate an image, create a bouncing ball program, path finding algorithm, repair a corrupt image, etc."

The interface seems kind of awful to me, with no elegance and subtlety, but hey, if you want a new Zachlike this might do it for you? The demo is up on Dropbox.

Mind-Machine Interface is having a crack at Steam Greenlight. That page says it's due to launch this March.

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