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Minecraft 1.9 Update Gets Magic Flying Capes

Up up and away

Minecraft [official site] will let you live out your childhood Peter Pan-inspired dreams when it adds magic flying capes to its 1.9 update. Last night, developer Jens Bergensten took to social media to namedrop a new "dramatic feature" for the forthcoming update, before parting with some work-in-progress screens. Nip inside for pics and gifs galore.

It all started with Bergensten tweeting this:

Then another tweet saying: "Ok, here's a gfy. And as always, work in progress! (For 1.9, Java edition)", followed by this:

The magical flying capes, it seems, are non-craftable and must be stumbled upon by inquisitive players. Also, the new cape will replace any other ones you might be donning at the time of discovery. This probably won't be too much of an issue, though, because once collected you'll be doing things like this:

Which is very, very cool.

Still no word on when we can expect to see Minecraft's 1.9 snapshot - according to the Minecraft community, The Combat Update, as it's now official known, was supposed to be here in July - and this news will no doubt have fans climbing up the walls. Until the update arrives. And then they'll be flying up them. Obviously.

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