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Minecraft 1.20 details new mob, archaeology, and a surprise new biome

A lot to sniffer out

Mojang have spent the week revealing new details of Minecraft's 1.20 update, including two of the things pictured above: the new Sniffer mob, which won a public vote to be included in the game; and the less expected new cherry blossom biome. Both seem adorable.

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Last Friday, we got a first look at Archaeolgy, a new system that plants hidden objects through the desert biome. If you spot a new "suspcious sand" block you can use a new item, a brush, on it to reveal whatever lies below. That can be a random object a pottery shard, and if you collect four of the latter you can reconstruct it into a pot. There are different pots with different patterns to collect.

The Sniffer is more cute, though. It's a scraggly, gallumphing new mob that is only found as unhatched eggs in suspicious sand. If you help those eggs hatch, the sniffer will grow into a huge, hairy, duck-billed creature who'll snuffle out seeds for "new unique decorative plants" according to Mojang.

Finally there's the cherry blossom biome, filled with trees that can be chopped down and crafted into 1.20's new hanging signs. Or you can just look at them because they're pink and pretty, I guess.

You'll be able to try out a bunch of these features in the Java and Bedrock beta snapshoots soon. In the meantime, you can read about everything else we know about Minecraft 1.20.

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