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Minecraft Bedrock Edition now has seven more default skins

We thank you for your service, Steve and Alex

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has been updated to 1.19.50, bringing seven brand new default skins into that particular version of the survival crafting game. These newbies are more diverse than stalwarts Steve and Alex, and Mojang intend for them to be more representative of Minecraft’s global player base. Wave hello to Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri. Watch the trailer below to see the new default skins teaming up to build a giant alpaca.

Minecraft Bedrock's latest update adds new default skins to better represent player diversity.Watch on YouTube

I should probably take the opportunity to apologise for suggesting the new skins be called Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub, and Gandalf when they were first revealed at Minecraft Live back in October. At that point I wasn’t sure what the names were going to be, but they’re a lot better than my derivative ideas. If you want to choose any of the new skins then you just have to head into Minecraft’s Dressing Room to pick your look. The default skin refresh had been expected as part of Minecraft’s 1.20 update in 2023, but they arrived a smidgen early.

The 1.19.50 Bedrock update has also chucked in some other gubbins, including Spectator mode. Although Spectator mode’s technically been in the game for a while as an experimental setting, the update’s baked it in properly. Enable cheats and just switch the ‘/gamemode spectator’ command on if you want to become an ethereal observer, visible only to other equally ethereal observers who also happen to be spectating. They’ll appear as flying transparent heads, and none of you will be able to interact with anything else. Spooky.

Oh, and try flicking on the 'Next Major Update' toggle in world settings if you want to get a sneaky preview of what’s coming in Minecraft 1.20. All that’s experimental, mind, so Mojang recommend you keep any worlds with that enabled separate from your main saves.

Minecraft: Java And Bedrock Edition is available from the official site for £25/$30. You can read the full details on update 1.19.50 here. If you're playing the Java Edition then check out our guide to the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds.

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