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Minecraft Java testing official texture makeover

Still Minecraft-y

A minor makeover is coming up the good ol' original Java version of Minecraft, keeping those same blocky looks but remaking textures. Touching up everything from blocks to items and enemies, the new textures look like Minecraft but a little nicer. If you fancy seeing for yourself, hey, you can download and test this today. This is all unrelated to--and quite different from--the 4K HDR fanciness and Super Duper Graphics Pack coming to Minecraft's separate Windows 10 edition, which between them are adding all sorts of incongruous lighting effects.

Mojangeers have made new versions of most--but not all--textures, fancying up a lot of the game. From what I've seen, they're decent on the whole. They're still Minecraft-y but just better? I like the tree leaves:


"But these aren't changes we're making lightly," Mojang said in today's announcement, "we want your feedback before we even consider adding them to the game." So you can download the test textures as as add-on texture pack and see what you think. Mojang invite feedback on their forum and Reddit.

Hit the blog post for download links and instructions. The pack is made for Minecraft version 1.12, so expect wonkiness if you're playing an earlier version.

Minecraft has a squillion fan-made texture packs by now, but a change to the baseline is still welcome.


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