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Minecraft Pringles are a thing, and I'd quite like some

They're Suspicious Stew flavoured

I'm always up for trying new and odd foods. I mean, I barbecued some womb in a restaurant in Japan recently, and I can confirm that it was like calamari but tougher, and, largely, a lot worse. So, that's why the idea of Pringles releasing a limited-edition Minecraft Suspicious Stew flavour intrigues me! I would like to give it a go and see if it's actually quite nice or makes me barf.

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Let's start with some sad news: unfortunately Pringles' Suspicious Stew flavour is only available in the US, so you can't be plucking those tubes off Tesco shelves. Still, if you're in the US and you'd like to give them a try, they can be found in all good stores that presumably sell crisps. The official Pringles site says they "hit the spot every time" and have a "hearty stew flavour" that comes with a "kick".

I, for one, am a fan of Pringles. I'm a Sour Cream And Chive kinda guy, and I'd slap a Bestest Best badge on them if they were a video game or I could use the tube as a controller. But it seems like Minecraft's Suspicious Stew flavour is going down a treat in the Pringles reviews section. It's currently sitting at a whopping 4.8 stars out of five (yes, I'm aware there's only 9 reviews, but let me live a little) and Alexis from Ohio says they're "Very nice!!" with a resounding double thumbs up. "I think the flavours blend nicely", Alexis says, as someone who's "never tasted Minecraft food".

To make Suspicious Stew in Minecraft, you'd add a flower to your usual Mushroom Stew recipe. Eat it in-game and you'll receive a random temporary effect, like blindness or a boost to your jump power... or poisoning. Let's hope the official crisps don't share the same effects, eh?

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