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Minecraft's latest Caves & Cliffs snapshot is well moist

Positively dripping with moss and vines

Wonderful word, 'moist'. The parrots of pop culture will tell it's the worst word in the English language, but I think they need to spend less time around sleazebags and more getting proper moist. Lay back on salt marsh and listen to it gurgle. Lean against a mossy gorge wall while hiking along a river. That's the power of moist. How wonderful that the latest snapshot build of Minecraft's upcoming Caves & Cliffs update introduces much moistness: moss blocks, spore blossoms, dangling vines with glowing berries, and more.

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Minecraft Java Snapshot 21W05A is available now, adding some of the parts that honestly are what most interest me in Caves & Cliffs. It's the Lush Caves biome I'm after, which will house a lot of this new greenery.

We have dripleaf, a new type of plant which grows sturdy enough to stand on, though it'll eventually flop and drop you. Moss blocks are abound and can be crafted into moss carpet, a feature I would absolutely have in my dream home. Cave vines grow down from ceilings and produce glow berries, which give off light. Spore blossoms are big pink flowers which cling to ceilings and drip spores. Roots can protude from the underside of dirt ceilings. And azaela bushes are pretty to look at now, then will eventually be found on the surface to indicate the presence of a Lush Cave biome beneath.

I just want deep moss-lined caves lit by glowing vines.

The snapshot patch also adds a few more distinct triggers for Sculk Sensors, the vibration-sensing fungus which can be patched into computer networks. I cannot yet imagine what strange and wonderful contraptions these frequences will fuel.

Caves & Cliffs is due to launch later this year. I don't muck about with snapshots myself but am keen to play the finished update. Bring me the moist, Mojang.

Why do folks hate 'moist' so much anyway? Psychologists have tried to answer the question, and found for many folks the connotations are more objectionable than the sound. I will confess I find 'moist' the most awful word in a sexual context, just vile. But you'll have to pry moist moss from my cold, wet hands.

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