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Minecraft's Nether Update is out today

Pay it a visit!

The hellish hidden Minecraft region of the Nether becomes a whole lot more pleasant today with the launch of the Nether Update, focused on expanding the rarely-visited region. It brings four colourful and interesting new Nether biomes, new native residents and wildlife, giant fungus and other new flora, new music, new blocks, and more. Basically, the Nether is lively enough that you'll want to visit again, and maybe build a home there. The update's out today for both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

The Nether's the place you get through by building an Obsidian portal. So far it's been a big ol' lavahole with some baddies to fight and NPC fortresses to plunder but it wasn't too interesting. Now you'll get to visit the blue fungal Warped Forest biome, the red fungal Crimson Forest, the barren and fossil-strewn Soulsand Valley, and ashen Basalt Deltas.

The Piglin live here too, a wary NPC civilisation of pigmen who'll attack on sight unless you're wearing shiny gold armour to win their greedy trust. Honking great hoglins are around too, and big ol' lavawalking Striders you can even ride with a saddle.

To introduce folks to the new Nether, Mojang are also launching a free adventure map, Way Of The Nether, which sends players through there to rescue a missing mayor. That'll be on the Minecraft Marketplace - so only for the Bedrock version.

Minecraft's Nether Update is out today for the Java edition on Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Windows 10, Xbone, PS4, Switch, iOS, Android, and more Bedrock platforms. See the patch notes for Minecraft's Java and Bedrock editions for more.

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