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Mirage: International Man Of Mystery

Don't believe your eyes

Mirage, you saucy minx. You boyish bamboozler. You are the most legendest of all the Apex Legends.

You're an idiot.

Or so you'd have us believe. Your personality, a facade of stumbling pronunciation, pork chop obsession and terrible maths. It's an act. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he couldn't count.

You're making fools of us all. When you're not being attacked by birds.

You can go invisible, except you can't. We all see that shimmer, but you've seen us seeing. You know your best tricks are in plain sight.

Your decoys are dumber than you seem, but your enemies are worse. Off your foes trot, gambolling after projections that bumble in straight lines. Holograms, blown away by one bullet. It was enough to fool the masses, for a time. But they're getting wise to you. So you get wiser.

Those decoys aren't cannon fodder. They're mind invasions.

You send copies around corners, into buildings, into cover, into tricks that outlast their lifespan. You send them into smoke, stood stock still in cloaks more effective than your own. Hidden, until they prompt panic.

Sights swivel to irrelevant terrain, while you sneak round their flanks. You live for that. The knowledge that others don't know. Knowing that you have them outsmarted.

Not that it's always that hard.

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