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Mod For The Mod God: Call of Warhammer

I must be getting some kind of geek sense. I woke up on Saturday morning and found myself thinking "I wonder if anyone's done a Warhammer mod for Medieval 2 yet". I start googling and discover that there's one which is just about to come out. Call of Warhammer is promising its first release out for Chrimble (or there about) and actually looks pretty nifty. Playable factions in the first release are High Elves, Dwarves, The Empire, Chaos, Greenskins, The Vampire Counts and - somewhat surprisingly - Kislev. Well, somewhat surprisingly until you realise the mod's primary language is Russia - the initial release won't be fully translated, it seems - and as such you can sort of understand why they may want to Kislev it up. Also, bear cavalry. Footage follows...

Well, the best video to watch is actually the one on ModDB which I can't find anywhere else and isn't embeddable from there. However, here's one of them. Chaos and Greenskins, going at it, as un-nature intended.

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In respect of all the obvious hard work, I'll refrain from whining about Wot No Skaven.

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