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Modded X-Wing Alliance looks incredible for a 21-year-old game

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance was released. 21 years ago, in fact. But to look at the work the people at X-Wing Alliance Upgrade are doing to the classic space dogfighting game you wouldn't think it was from the '90s. They’ve added dynamic cockpits, modern lighting, upgraded all the ship models, and have even ported it to VR. Below is a comparison between the original game and the updated version that’ll get your midi-chlorians flowing.

As RPS’ resident modder, I often come across dedicated communities propping up old games. I’m used to seeing glow-ups, but this pewed me away. The people behind it have been working on the game for 20 years, expanding their original plans from upgrading the ship models to retouching everything in the game. The base game remains intact, but the visual overhaul is stellar, and I'd have no issue with loading it up for a space battle or ten.

There are a number of mods running in that video, but they're all downloaded from the one place. In addition to the shaders, cockpits, and backdrops, most ships need to be installed individually. It'll take some time, but the results are worth the effort.

When we’re talking about modern PC gaming the question of VR rears up. And, yup, there’s a VR mod for it as well.

We're still a couple of months away from Star Wars: Squadrons, but I might not even need it after installing all this.

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