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The next Epic Games Store free game is Star Wars: Squadrons

Evil Dead: The Game and Dark Deity are free until then

Star Wars: Squadrons, an actually decent Star Wars game from recent years, is being given away on the Epic Games Store next week. You can pick up EA Motive’s dogfighting game for precisely zilch for seven standard Earth days starting from November 24th, although it seems to be the only game going for free that week. Until then, you can play with your boomstick in co-op multiplayer schlockfest Evil Dead: The Game, and there's tactical role-player Dark Deity too.

Star Wars: Squadrons rekindled some of the old Nineties LucasArts dogfighting spirit.

Squadrons blinked out of hyperspace and onto PC back in October 2020, a spiritual successor to classic space dogfighting sims from LucasArts such as X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Set after Return Of The Jedi, the game puts you into the orange jumpsuit of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and dodgy black helmet of the Imperial Titan Squadron in alternating campaign missions. Squadrons also has multiplayer team deathmatch and fleet battle modes, the latter challenging two squads of five to blow up each other’s capital ship.

We placed Squadrons among our list of the best Star Wars games on PC not that long ago. Nate (RPS in peace) thought it was a blast in his Star Wars: Squadrons review, but longed for more meat to the game. “Without the balance considerations of multiplayer, there might have been more ships to fly, and more weird and wonderful bits of kit to outfit them with,” he said. “And I would have happily sacrificed the cutscenes and characters, and tolerated a hefty dose of asset and environment reuse, just to have more missions to fly them through.”

Star Wars: Squadrons will be free on the Epic Games Store from November 24th to December 1st. It’s usually £35/$40/€40. By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings.

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