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Monster Hunter World shows 23 mins of boss-battling

It's not right

A giant iguana with hair like Nikki Sixx distends its jaw to gulp down a dinosaur in a new Monster Hunter World [official site] gameplay video, and if that's not entertainment then I don't know what video games are even for. I've been quite keen for a bash at Capcom's track-o-stab-a-crafty action-RPG as it makes its first proper appearance on PC (ruling out the Chinese MMO Monster Hunter, obvs) and after watching this twenty-minute gameplay video and I can say that yes, I do wish to meet fire-breathing tyrannosaurid with an inflatable nose. I shall forge a mighty weapon from its guts, and hopefully make a little hat for my cat.

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That's over twenty minutes of tracking and fighting one single enemy. Well, with a few minor diversions and detours. Monster Hunter, see, is about murdering monsters in long, long battles. Boss battles galore! Then, after smashing one monster, you use bits from their body to make bigger and fancier weapons to fight bigger and fancier foes.

The video, ah, sure, it's fine. Going by the constant tutorial chatter explaining everything, this is not Monster Hunter at its most complex. The combat looks a little boring but the player also looks not super-skilled, so I'm not sure how make to take from that. Beyond the fact that oh my gosh, did you see how that sixxguana's belly swelled? It's just not right.

Monster Hunter World is hitting consoles in early 2018 but Capcom are more vague about the PC release, saying it is "coming at a later date."

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