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Monster Hunter: World is getting flame-y new monster variants on PC in April

The monsters are mad

We're all sick of the cold at this point, right? You've all trekked through Iceborne in your oversized snowshoes and whatnot and we're ready for something different? Great, because Monster Hunter: World is getting two monster variants on PC in April and they're going to melt the boots right off you. The third free "title update" for MWH is the last that will have a staggered release between PC and console players. In April, both versions of the game will pair up for updates going forward.

Console players will get to meet MHW's two new spicy beasts first in March but PC players will get them in April along with the third title update. The trailer below announces both the Raging Brachydios and the Furious Rajang. Short version: they're both angry and it's probably because they're on fire. The new Brachydios variant slaps lava all over the place with its tail and the Rajang appears to be an electric type Pokemon monster that breathes actual lightning.

We've still some catching up to do on PC before then with two other monsters on the way—the Stygian Zinogre and Safi'jiiva—and the Guiding Lands Tundra to go with the Guiding Lands Volcanic region that just arrived last week. After that, Capcom's roadmap for the first half of 2020 outlines PC and console players both simultaneously getting new Master Rank versions of existing monsters and a festival in Seliana and Astera. Additional, unspecified updates are planned for the rest of 2020.

Monster Hunter: World's soundtrack is also landing on Steam's soundtrack sale. They've got Iceborne's soundtrack discounted by 10% and the original Monster Hunter: World Soundtrack discounted by 20% through Friday, February 14.

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