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Monster Hunter's next big update is coming July 9th

Following a customary Covid-19 delay, Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's next big content update will launch on July 9th. Title Update 4 will let us hunt Alatreon, the elder dragon introduced back in Monster Hunter 3. Yes, of course, you'll get to turn this dragon into shoes and swords. Come meet the frightful beast in the trailer below.

Capcom plan to broadcast a new video dev diary about the update on Friday, July 3rd at 1pm (5am Pacific). While Capcom have said they have more Iceborne updates with new monsters planned beyond this, they haven't yet announced details on any of them. Maybe we'll hear more about the future beyond Alatreon on Friday too.

Title Update 4 should be a bit less than once expected, mind. When Capcom announced the delay for Title Update 4 in April, they said "Voice over production for the Italian, Spanish and French language versions have also been affected, and will be replaced with simplified recordings."

Previously expected in May, Title Update 4 was held up by pandemic lockdown measures impacting production. On June 10th, Capcom announced they were back at it: "As the coronavirus (Covid-19) state of emergency has been lifted by the Japanese government, our development team have started to resume work on the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Updates."

Do remember that the PC and console versions of MHW have finally achieved patch parity, as of April's update v13.50, so we should all be hunting Alatreon at the same time.

Monster Hunter: World currently has a 34% discount in the Steam Summer Sale, while Iceborne has 25% off.

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