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Monster Munch: Lost Planet 2 PC Released

Lost Planet 2 PC hits shops in the UK today, and will be available on Steam in approximately SIX HOURS (don't you love Steam?). That's six hours for you to decide whether to adopt an icy-cool expression of indifference before turning and walking away from the game in slow motion, OR to attack the Steam page, howling like a Mongol warrior and dual-wielding credit cards. The sequel's a much broader grab-bag of features compared to the first game, and has pretty comprehensive co-op multiplayer, and a greater variety in its environments, mechs and monstures. The PC version also has 3D and DirectX 11 "tesselation"(!).

In honour of my predecessor, I will now retell Kieron's story about the original Lost Planet that he liked so much he told me three times. Come! There's a video of Lost Planet 2 in it for you.

So, the first Lost Planet was set on an icy tundra where your character constantly lost thermal energy, and to recover it you had to kill the game's freaky insectoid aliens, who would drop spheres of it upon dying. Kieron was fighting one boss for long enough that he almost ran entirely out of thermal energy, and then killed the boss in the nick of time. Except the boss's death animation was so long, Kieron died before it was completed, and his corpse was showered in the now-useless energy. Poor Kieron.

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