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Moonglow Bay is a cute, slice-of-life fishing sim where there's monsters in the water

Stardew Cove?

We recently asked you whether you preferred inventory Tetris or fishing minigames. Moonglow Bay is a game for people who chose the latter: a 'slice-of-life' fishing sim with a colourful voxel art style set in a village where rumours of strange beasts have scared the locals into becoming landlubbers.

The announcement trailer is just lovely.

Cover image for YouTube videoMoonglow Bay | Announce Trailer

"Moonglow Bay was once the jewel of the Canadian coastline... until rumours of dangerous, fantastical creatures ruined the fishing trade," says the press release. You're attempting to revive the town by starting a fishing business and, along the way, doing the usual stuff: discovering fish, upgrading equipment, chatting with the locals, and so on.

I'm not sure where I lie in the fishing versus inventory Tetris debate, but I do like a good, physical fishing minigame - even if I'd normally prefer to throw the fish back afterwards. Moonglow Bay would appeal to me whatever its theme, just because of the art style and its cosy vibes.

The game is being developed by Bunnyhug Games, a new team founded by folks who worked on Wargroove, Armello and others. It's up on Steam for wishlisting now, but it'll also be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches sometime in 2021.

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