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Moonglow Bay will (catch and) release its chill voxel fish on October 7th

Starfish Valley

I recently learned about goblincore, a cottagecore-adjacent aesthetic that's a little more rooted in fantasy and dirt than its pastoral cousin.

Since we're defining niches, you can't convince me to not call Moonglow Bay fishcore. It's got the little seaside house, the pet, the Instagram-ready book-and-an-armchair scenes, but it's also about sailing out on your little tug to catch different kinds of fish. And you can't convince me that boat doesn't smell of fish guts.

There's a new trailer below, which brings the news that we can all imagine those fish guts come October 7th.

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Moonglow Bay is described by its developers as a "slice-of-life fishing RPG." It takes place in the titular Moonglow Bay, a small, once-bustling town that's fallen on hard times since its inhabitants have become afraid to fish. You're aiming to revive the town to "fulfil your partner's final wish", by starting a business, making friends with the locals, and encountering a lot of weird fish - and possibly sea monsters.

The game was originally announced back in March, but the release date announcement trailer also brings a first look at the game's glacier biome, one of several locations you can visit. I love its voxel art style, both for the blocky landscapes and for those lovely chonky seals.

You'll be able to play Moonglow Bay either singleplayer or with local co-op, just as soon as it launches on October 7th. It'll be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £20/€25/$25, and on day one via Xbox Game Pass.

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