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More Rogue To Like: Teleglitch: Die More

Jim is more pleased than usual. (I totally am! - Jim) Teleglitch, the top-down rogue-like shooter that he personally championed, has been picked up by Paradox. Not only that, but the harsh sci-fi horror game will be expanded upon in the Die More edition, which is a phrase I find rather sinister. Surely you can only die the one time? The rest is basically corpse mutilation. Anyway, the game that Jim loved, and that no-one on RPS else bothered with, will be out in the summer as a free expansion for current owners, and a full game for the rest of us. Trailer below.

I'm sorry, can anyone hear a sort of grinding noise? There's also a sort of low growl and hissing as well? Where is it coming from? I checked my flour mill, my pitbull cage, and my balloon deflating room, and there's nothing untoward going down in those places. Just let me check Adam's hole and see if he knows... oh it's you, Adam. What's the matter? Why are you pulling that face? You say you posted twice about Teleglitch before that Rossignol? What an odd thing to get angry about. You say you're not coming out of the hole until I acknowledge it? Okay, just put the shank down: Adam is great and lives in the tidiest hole I've ever seen and he totally wrote about Teleglitch first. Can I get back to the story?*

Honestly, the internal politics of full-time RPS writers. They're such divas. Anyway, this new edition will come with five extra levels, better AI, lorier lore, and more items and weapons. Here is a brief trailer to get you all a flutter.

Cover image for YouTube video

This is rather last minute, but tonight at 8 p.m. CEST / 7 p.m. BST / 11 a.m. PDT, there will be a live stream of the game on Paradox's Twitch TV channel. That might be fun.

*This is basically what happened in the RPS forbidden chatroom of mystery, though I have taken some creative license with it. For example, Adam's house is more of a ditch than a hole.

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