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Morrowind-to-Skyrim overhaul Skywind returns with a new trailer

Ugly Daedroth, aintcha?

Crikey, it's been a hot minute since we last heard anything about Skywind, hasn't it? Nevertheless, the colossal task of bringing all of Morrowind into Skyrim is still well underway, with the modders behind the project releasing our first look at the ambitious mod in over a year, by way of a spruced-up return to The Battle at Nchurdamz. Hope your arachnophobia doesn't extend to mechanical spiders, readers.

Sure, it's been over seven years since the team at The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project began work on their massive Morrowind overhaul. But that's no reason to give up hope - after all, Black Mesa spent over twice that time in development and somehow, miraculously, came out this year.

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Our 15-minute demo picks up in the bowels of a ship outside the city of Sadrith Mora. From there, we get a brief tour of Morrowind's overworld - foggy and fungal as ever - before picking up a companion in the form of Larienna Macrina. The rest of the clip takes us into the bowels of a Nchurdamz, a Dwemer dungeon in the style of Skyrim's own steam-powered deathtraps, before beating the crap out of a hideous minotaur chap named Hrelvesuu.

Here's the part where I admit I haven't played Morrowind, and thus can't make an accurate comparison between the original Battle at Nchurdamz and its Skywind iteration. But it all comes across as very professional and well-built, with the team adding their own flourishes to the groundwork laid down by Bethesda 18 years ago - new writing, new puzzles, and a clean transition to Daedric ruins as the descent goes on.

Of course, Skywind is still nowhere near finished. Skywind team member Amos told Eurogamer that this video doesn't constitute a release announcement, but rather a sign that "progress at the moment is more consistent than ever."

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