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Mos Eisley Recreated By Obsidian Artists Just For Fun

Mos Eisley, precisely

Spaceports are en vogue today. Some environment artists at Obsidian have thrown together a faithful and playable recreation of the docking bay from Mos Eisley using Unreal Engine 4, along with some other places in the desert town (including an eerily empty cantina). It’s a personal project, they say, so nothing to do with anything the company is currently creating. But as something you can download and walk around inside, it looks pretty swish. Although, fair warning, it’s a 7 gigabyte download.

Here’s what docking bay 94 looks like, complete with Millennium Falcon.

Watch on YouTube

And here’s the cantina and some bits of the outside city.

Watch on YouTube

Jason Lewis, an artist at Obsidian, started working on the project in his free time, before inviting others in the company to come help. It started out with just the docking bay but as the environment grew he enlisted more artists and this is what they've ended up with.

You can download the demo here if you want to have a wander around yourself. There are some X-Wings, an Imperial Shuttle and a secret weapon to find too. If that link doesn’t work there are a clatter of mirror links in the video descriptions on YouTube. The creators warn that loading times can be quite long, as it isn’t optimised very well. But in terms of something just done for shits and giggles, it looks very shiny. You can tell they had a lot of fun with it too, considering they made the credits by filling a whole room with their own portraits as Star Wars characters.

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