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My Time At Portia gets in the mood for love with a romance update

Harvest Moonesque wholesome life simulator My Time At Portia just got an injection of romantic side-quests in celebration of this week's Chinese Qixi Festival, also known as China's Valentine's Day. In the words of my country's greatest poetess of love Celine Dion: Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that free updates are bon ("good" in French).

My Time At Portia has, of course, long allowed players to woo NPCs. Much like in real life, interacting with certain romanceable characters, either by talking to them or giving them gifts, increases your standing with them.

But the quaint cartoon land of Portia has found itself once again in Cupid's line-of-sight, his bow launching a dozen projectiles into the hearts of the denizens below. News arrived from the most romantic place on earth, the Steam news board, where publisher Team 17 detailed the new relationship missions.

This Portian update adds new romance-based missions for five characters - Nora, Oaks, McDonald, Albert and Sonia - along with new dialogue. Side missions for other romanceable characters have been added for special events, as well as quest-lines related to that specific character. Players will be able to unlock "new NPC shops, a relationship between NPCs and the opportunity to build your relationship with NPCs too," said developer Panthea.

My Time At Portia costs £25/€30/$30 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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