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Natural Selection 2 Jumps Its Own Gun

Imagine all the things you could do with seven hours. You could have a somewhat unsatisfying sleep. You could go on a plane flight that wouldn't quite get you to America. You could complete Dishonored fifteen times. You could clean up your Goddamn house.

One thing you don't have to do with seven hours is spend them impatiently waiting for Natural Selection 2, which after years of development has had its release date moved forward ever so slightly.

It'll now be early on Halloween, as opposed to midnight on Halloween. This means there are a five-ish hours to go until Unknown World's mod-gone-pro battle of humans vs aliens is finally with us. Exciting! I'm looking forward to playing it on the morrow. Maybe I'll do exactly that with my free seven hours, in fact.

More details, pre-order stuffs, a ticking timer and whatnot here.

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