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BioBuilding: Natural Selection 2 Mod GorgeCraft Released

Coughing up architecture

Can any of us honestly say we have never dreamed of creating a beautiful garden from flesh and bone, bile and spit? I thought not. That's the problem with these 'Craft' games: they tend to use everyday building materials like stone and metal. Give me great citadels of bone draped in banners of skin, the absurd excesses of heavy metal album covers come to virtual life. Or, failing that, GorgeCraft will do.

The mod turns Natural Selection 2 into a building sandbox, letting us cough up biological lumps and structures wherever we please as architects of oozing monstrosities. It left beta and launched over the weekend, and you can snag it from the Steam Workshop.

GorgeCraft, as the name suggests, stars the alien side's Gorge builder class, sliding around on its belly and hocking up buildings. The lil fella can spit out marine buildings too, so let's just imagine he swallowed a bunch at some point (greedy little Gorge). The mod works single-player or online, so you can regurgitate sexual sculpture with chums (as I broadly understand Craft 'em ups are about).

Here's the mod's creator making art in an earlier beta build. It certainly is a heaving mass of slop!

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