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Naturally Selected Screenshots

None of your artificial ones here. Though, that said, these are the fruits of NS2's budding modders' experimentation rather than straight-from-the-source stuff - but they're a useful demonstration of what Unknown Worlds' still-mysterious new engine may be capable of. They rather evoke Doom 3, but obviously a lot more amped up and mega-detailed. I found the dark, ominous metal corridors oddly beautiful in a way - though once tediously onmipresent, this kind of environment isn't something we see that much of these days, and do remind me that there's a reason we've always thrilled to the Aliens look.

More shots here, though sadly beastie-free.

Oh - and these environments were made by have-a-go modders with NS2's recently-released Spark Level Editor. The game isn't out yet, but anyone who pre-orders it will be blessed with immediate access to the tool. Expect some rather fabulous maps, given the head start some folk will have had once NS2 finally splurges into being.

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